Monday, 9 October 2017

Personalised Gifting Ideas This Diwali Season

Diwali, a festival important for most of the Indians is coming soon. It is a symbol of victory of good over the evil. People everywhere have started preparing for the festival from many days in advance. 

For Diwali we normally purchase new clothes, clean our homes, buy crackers etc. It is also the time when we go to visit our dear ones or they come home to visit us. Buying sweets for your dear ones has become a tradition during Diwali. 

But if you do not want to follow the old routine of gifting sweets then you can also gift your dear ones some personalised gifts that will give them ultimate joy.
Here are some personalised gifting ideas for your dear ones this Diwali-


Since Diwali is a festival of lights, you can gift your friends or family a personalized lamp that they can use for lightening and decorating their home. Get something nice printed on it like, some cute pictures or sweet text that they will surely like.

Coffee Mug

You cannot go wrong with a personalized coffee mug. It is an amazing gift that a person will actually use regularly. Get some nice images or quotes printed on a coffee mug to gift your dear ones this Diwali instead of the usual sweets gifting.

Fridge Magnet

You can get an image of theirs printed on a fridge magnet so that when they look at their fridge they feel good seeing this fridge magnet on it. It is a unique gifting idea which you can surely try this Diwali as it is different and will be liked by the person who receives it.


Another wonderful gift idea for this Diwali can be cushions that have a personalized cover on them. You can get some cute memories of the recipient printed on the cushion cover. They will surely like your idea of such a cute gift.

Personalized Tote Bag

You can get a tote bag with some lovely text written on it or a picture printed on it for Diwali gifting purpose. This is a great option to gift people on the festival specially women. It is a useful gift item that your recipient will certainly like.

Wall Clock

Get a personalised Wall clock for your near and dear ones this Diwali. Make sure you get a nice picture of theirs or some delightful text printed on it so that they like hanging this wall clock on their walls.

Flower Vase

A flower vase has been used for gifting purposed since years. So you can definitely try gifting a flower vase to others that has their picture or a picture of something they love on it. This gift will be appreciated by them.

Tea Coasters

Gift you near and dear ones some tea coasters that are personalised this Diwali. Make sure you select the pictures or text carefully before getting them printed on the coasters. This unique gifting idea will leave them amazed.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Decorate Your Room with These Personalised Items

Bedrooms are the place where people spend most of their time. We use our bedrooms to do a lot of activities like dressing up, relaxing, reading, eating and many more. We want our bedrooms to be comfortable and at the same time we wish to decorate them in such a way that it reflects our personality. 

Get your favourite pictures printed on various items to make your room live. You can make your close memories closer to you by using them in your room décor. With the right decoration items, you can make your room look really active. Here are some personalized room décor ideas that you need in your rooms:

Photo Block

You can select a set of pictures that are special to you and get them printed on a photo block. You can hang it on any wall in your bedroom. It will not only keep your close memories in front of your eyes but will also add on to the décor of the room. So do not wait, go get it for your bedroom.

Cushion Cover

You can even get a cushion cover that has something really special printed on it. You can use this cushion to decorate your bed. When outsiders come they will surely notice this cushion cover lying on your bed. They are washable and will simply add on to the décor in your room.


Getting a personalised calendar for your room is a great idea. You can decorate your wall with a personalised calendar that has your special events printed on it according to the month. Other people who see it will appreciate the idea.

Wall Clock

A clock is one of the most essential items you have in your room. So getting a personalised clock is a great idea. It will not only help you in checking the time but will also add to your room décor. A clock that has something special to you printed on it will surely look fabulous on your wall.

Name Plate

Get a personalised name plate on your door and mark your territory. Fancy name plates won’t just make your door attractive; they will also give outsiders an idea of how fabulous your room is going to be if the name plate is so attractive.

Pencil Mug

Pencil mugs are very useful as they help us put all the pens and pencils at one place so that we can get them easily when needed. You can get a personalised pencil mug for your room as it looks quite lovely and will complement the décor in your bedroom.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Unique Gifting Guide for Rakhi And Friendship's Day This Season

Here comes that time when you are eagerly wanting to set hands on your Raksha Bandhan gift. You may not spend those extra bucks on something exquisite but giving something with a personal touch lasts longer. Helping you recreate some of these festive memories, we bring to you a few cute and handy gifting ideas to celebrate this year’s Raksha Bandhan. So, let’s wrap a box full of love this season with these gifting ideas:


As we all know that good things come in small boxes, this is one such little package in which you can pen-down all your feelings for your siblings. These cute notes of love and care are perfect to express your feelings without taking that hassle of creating something grand. This Rakhi, gift your sibling a bottle-full of messages expressing your love and care for them.


Ok, so if getting a PlayStation 4 might cause too much strain on your wallet, then getting a customisable graphic tee with sassy prints or gaming prints might be more suitable for these young boys (and you). They can showcase their love for games without you having to break your bank for it. You also can personalise the shirts with, according to their interest.


Food tops the gift list on Raksha Bandhan and there is nothing better than customised gooey cupcakes in your favourite flavours like chocolate, lemon, red velvet, vanilla and lots more. This yummy delicacy is best available at any personalised store, famous for its cakes and cupcakes. This is another interesting option to gift sibling this Raksha Bandhan for a perfect sweet note.


Everyone must have dropped their phone, at least once in their lifetime. It’s not because they’re clumsy, it just happens. And, phones are crazy expensive to repair if something glitches. Why not protect their phone in style? Give this to the teen and they’ll be thankful for this protective case because most probably they’re on their phone almost all the time.


Call this a rather thoughtful gifting option, has the perfect solution for all accessories loving girls to preserve their pretty baubles. Their latest collection of handmade paper jewellery boxes makes the perfect accessory station. So once your sisters are sorted with sartorial choice, they don’t have to hunt their wardrobe out to find the right match.

Tips For Personalized Gifts

When someone comes asking me about what is in the trend for the gifting option this season, I tell them the trend is gifting something that can make a connect with the one who’s being gifted. Well yes personalized gifts is what according to me the best gifting option nowadays. It’s a practical way to mark an item with the personal feel. Personalization, such as those cool printed tees, albums, diaries, mugs, chains, frames, is both a classic idea and totally on-trend. It makes a gift seem more thoughtful and planned.

If you are shopping for personalized gifts this holiday season, here are some tips;

The colors

Choose contrasting embroidered colours and then go in for a classic design for anything that you are planning to personalize. For a dress, tee or a baby suit- opt out the theme pattern like Santa suit with high contrast embroidery.

Character study

While ordering the personalized gifts, pay attention to how many words you are getting printed per line. Do not make it a greeting card with stories. Use small lines and little content.

 Use images

Portrait is even a good idea. If the gift is for a new born baby or for the kids first birthday, this can be the most creative idea for gifting.

Think ahead of others

Many thinks, personalization of gifts can take a lot of creativity and time to buy that perfect one, but personalized gifts are always available online more quickly than they were in the past.

Let the flame of romance blow

Create your own romantic book and showcase your love story, personalized pillow or some other photo albums.

Ready to start making your mark on everything from albums, frames, personalized diaries, shirts, etc. Check out all the options at, where you can find personalized gifts for everyone on your list.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Fill Your Baskets At the Site Launch Sale From Your Customized Gift Shop

There are times when our emotions become so overwhelming that we fail to express them properly in words. At such moments,the warmth of our gifts can be taken a notch higher by adding a personal touch. Gifts adds to the love and affection in our day to today lives. Be it valentine's to your baby shower, we customize everything and anything for your dear ones. You might start wondering, how is it possible? It is actually just a click away on the web. Visit Zoom16 to gather love and emotions and get it wrapped up for your loved ones.

Zoom Colour Prints, pioneers in the photo finishing industry to provide complete photo printing solutions with a wide variety of services, catering to amateur photographers as well as hard-core professionals. To remain relevant to the changing times, Zoom has changed from analogue to the digital platform and upgraded to the state-of-the art technology. It has more than 20 productions centers and retail outlets. 

Zoom16 is now offering 10%off on all the gifting items. So, hurry and grab the offer using the Promo code: WELCOME16 valid till 18th June. Happy pampering!!


Convert your images into spectacular canvas print of your favorite scenic, travel, festival or occasion photos. Water proof and damp proof print. Available in many sizes. Get it cutomized your way. 


Now, you can bring back those childhood memories or create further great times with your family and friends by getting board games. We have brought the Epic home indoor game with a new style, Personalized Chess game.


Add an element of fun to your coffee table discussions with beautiful coasters that can be tailored to suit your preference.These coasters are designed to be used for your event, be it a formal indoor affair, a casual country or farm setting, or an intimate gathering at your home. 


Make a style statement with Inside Color Mug. Their new Custom Colorful Mugs are now 
available in wide variety of shades that are sure to keep your spirits high. Easy to create, it 
makes a great gift for a friend, family or even yourself. 


Like a most personalized photo gifts it is chic but more modern, more stylish and personalized 
with design or photo print. It is a good home decor item to be installed and gifting your dear 


This personalized gift is a thoughtful and meaningful way to celebrate an important event in a life. Get anything printed on the pencil mug to make it your personalised product be it your home or office. 


Get started on custom t-shirts, personalized T-Shirts whatever strikes your fancy! It's easy to 
combine photos, texts to make one of a kind product that everyone will cherish! All t-shirts 
made up cotton fabric. Gift it to your loved ones with a perfect line or a photograph to make 
them feel special.


Photo tiles are a very unique and elegant product that makes a great gift. Use any photo or design and create a one of a kind gift that anyone will love. Professionally printed directly into the 
tile, these are permanent, waterproof tiles that will last a lifetime. Get you best moments printed to be hanged on the wall or your side tables to make you cherish them anytime you want.


An economical personalized clock with a single wooden stand and hardboard dial. Beautifully custom print the dial with your pictures and texts. The product occupies a very small space. Definitely suitable for personal and corporate gifting. 


Address a note of thanks, inspirational quote or personal message with these size wooden ecstasies. An apt solution for mementos, souvenirs, general gifting and many more. Suitable for keeping on table-tops, shelves or desks. Printed on wooden base. The laser-engraved photographs, logos or texts stay intact for life! 

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Perfect Gifting Ideas For Your Loved Ones

'Gifting' is an idea of giving and receiving love, affection and happiness. Gifting is more than a ritual to follow now. So, here we come with the unique gifting ideas to give to your own loved ones be it your mother, father, brother sister, wives, husbands or even your girlfriends. Lets, wrap the boxes full of love this season.


This is one of the unique gifting idea of telling your dear ones that how important they are to you, through this special way of expressing the love, care and affection that is irreplaceable. One can send a message full of light even in the midst of darkness. A perfect way to tell your wives or girlfriends and husbands or boyfriends at far off place what they actually mean to you.


A perfect way to make your little kids happy is sending them a personalized picture puzzle of their favourite snaps. Puzzles were the perfect happiness of our childhood days. You can send them through our own online website called ZOOM16 Another cute way of telling your little ones how dear and treasured they are to you.


Quirk tops the gift list, so there is nothing better than the customized gooey cushion covers in your favourite colours and hues with a message on it or even pictures printed of your loved ones and lots more like these. This is another interesting option to gift your loved ones this season.


This is although an old idea of gifting but still a superb option for giving out the message to your loved ones. This easily available at our online website ZOOM16 that deliver these at your doorsteps. So, get ready to surprise your dear ones by sending them this season.


India is the land of many festivals with a tradition of out setting with something Sweet, so there is nothing better than these gourmet hampers being customised according to your taste and prefernces. So, go grab them now.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Brighten Your Customized Print Gift Idea
Ever wondered how precious the time is that you spend with your friends and family. Ever wondered what your life would be if they are not around or somehow if you lost touch with them. We know even this very idea haunts you. You might not want to lose your loved ones but then preserving the elusive memories only makes you smile.
Let’s browse through the fleets of reasons why framed and customized art is the best gifting ideas which are the trendy too.

Give it an edge

Softies - CUSHION HS 

Though we know you always want to be on the cutting edge but giving your memories an edge is never a bad idea. After all that goes around a work of art is as important as the artwork itself. So, choose the right edge because you only want something in your life when it compliments and not distracts you from the focus.

Pillows and cushions have been a sign of rest and sign of relaxation. This kind of print industry with these facilities has born in India in a recent few years .One of the latest trending printable gifts is the printed pillows or pillow covers.

Lasts forever Print - STONE - 10

In the world where nothing stays permanent, looking at something and knowing that it will be there forever if this is not a blessing than what is? You capture the best moments of your life and we are sure you want to look at those best moments forever because at the end of the day that is what keeps you brimming with the life.

How cool will it be having a cool positive quote on a cool looking tea/ coffee mug to gifted / presented to you to start your day with and gradually it becomes a part of your routine and quite an inseparable part of your world.

 Safe and Sound  

Wooden Estacies - HBM54


 Imagine you just had a trip down the memory lane looking at your recent pictures and you turned back because you wanted to share some eye-watering memories with your loved ones. But then you realize that was the last time you had your eyes on them. Scary? Well, worry not keep them safe and sound, get the framed for life.

Make it your own

CANVASLARGE FORMAT PRINTWhy only frame your pictures to tag them as your own? Saw a captivating piece of art..? Grab it. Frame it and make it your own. Let that artwork reflects your taste and class. Give it a customized look by framing it with glitzy frames. After all, you are an artist yourself!

Portraits have been a way to connect and show your love / interest towards someone  Zooming around with your friends family and having photogenic clicks is all about it. The snaps or photos (framed one’s ) have been a medium to preserve memories for ages and keeping them alive in your heart.


What looks outside, lies inside 

Tiles Print - JF 66Key Chain - LCKR 4


 Have a piece canvas art or a picture that you absolutely adore? Give it the presentation it deserves. Frame it, add depth and elevate the beauty in a subtle way. Another way to preserve and display treasured items and framing artwork allows it to be decorative, too.

Still thinking? I know you are not. Go get your favorite frames now and go nostalgic!